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Dr. Matiscik DC and the staff at Optum Health Center help women with hormonal imbalances, patients with chronic anxiety and fatigue, and patients with infertility regain their health and get their lives back!

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There is a delicate balance when it comes to your body and the way it functions.
When your body is not functioning at its optimum, hormonal imbalances can occur leading to a cascade of health issues.

You could experience…
  • Unexplainable weight gain, despite eating well and exercising
  • Fatigue despite having a full 8 hours sleep
  • G.I. problems regardless of a healthy diet
  • Anxiety and depression

When it comes to hormonal imbalances, your Neuroendocrine System, Gastrointestinal System and/or your Detoxification System can “malfunction” and can thus lead to several health issues despite your best efforts.

I want you to know, it’s not your fault.
We just have to identify the source and address it accordingly.

With our advanced testing procedures and precise treatment protocol, we are quickly becoming the recognized authority in woman’s hormonal issues. So, if you’ve tried several different options and have been left frustrated with the results, or if you’re someone that just wants to nip the problem in the bud and get the correct diagnosis and proper treatment, give our office a call today at 214-665-4100 to book your consultation! It’s time to live again!

A photo of Dr. Matiscik DC who provides treatment for hormonal imbalances in women


Conditions That Can Arise From Hormonal Imbalances

A pregnant woman sitting at a computer desk at home and looking stressed out

Female Hormones

Are you undergoing stress, anxiety, mood swings and feel that you are behaving a bit differently?

A woman with gastrointestinal problems pressing against her stomach to ease the pain

Gastrointestinal Problems

It’s all in your gut! How to enhance mood, immunity, and more through digestion.

A healthy woman measuring her waistline with measuring tape

Guide to Better Digestive Health

Having proper digestive function creates a solid foundation for good health. Improper digestion and nutrient absorption can destabilize all other health factors.

A woman with an anxious and upset look on her face

Premenopause, Perimenopause, & Menopause

Menopause symptoms may include hot flashes and alterations of the menstrual cycle. We can help manage these and other issues during the transition process.

An exhausted woman leaning back on a chair with her eyes closed and her hand on her forehead


Fatigue is pervasive and profound. It affects not just physical health but also mental health.

A man and a woman having a discussion on a bed and looking disappointed

Female Infertility

Learn how alternate care provided by Optum Health Center can help you cure infertility.

Hormone Imbalances and Your Health

Hormonal imbalances can bring about a series of changes that can lead to
fatigue, infertility, depression, weight gain, and a lack of motivation.

Embrace Life Like You’re Supposed To!

Many health problems can a direct cause of hormonal imbalances. However, once we’ve determined the appropriate approach to restore that balance, it’s as if a light switch has been turned on inside and the world opens up to you.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way.

Dr. Martin Matiscik, founder of Optum Health Center, has dedicated his life to helping women around the world achieve optimal health and wellness through precise hormonal balancing predicated on his advanced lab testing and customized therapeutic treatment protocol.

This Is Your Time!

Discover What We Can Do For You.

Even to this day, it never ceases to amaze me how lives are dramatically improved once the correct hormonal balance is achieved. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s what drives my life!
Dr. Matiscik



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