Functional & Integrative Medicine in McKinney, TX

About Dr. Matiscik

Being Certified in Functional Medicine, Dr. Matiscik practices with an emphasis on natural and nutritional solutions.

 I help people who are suffering from symptoms of fatigue, depression, and hormonal imbalances get their life back.

After years of practicing and managing five physical medical practices and successfully helping the patients with their aches and pains, time and time again, patients approached Dr. Matiscik and asked him if he could help them with their severe fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight loss, or digestive problems.

Dr. Matiscik simply referred patients to their family physician for these conditions. However, medical doctors were just prescribing medication to subdue the symptoms and his patients never really got better. Dr. Matiscik would also refer patients to specialists, only to get a call from a specialist saying, “This patient just needs to exercise,” or, “This patient is nuts,” or, worse, “I put the patient on antidepressants.” Dr. Matiscik tried again and again to find someone to refer these patients to. Their family physician just did not have the time to help them in the 15 minutes they slotted to see them. The specialists continued to say lab tests were normal and there was nothing wrong with the patient.

Dr. Matiscik read everything he could while trying to help his patients. He eventually found Functional Medicine and got dual certified in the specialty. He figured out that everyone else was only looking at the symptoms rather than the root cause of all his patients’ problems. He has since learned how to identify crucial problems in the hormone system, the gastrointestinal system, and the body’s detoxification system. He found that the body has to function as a whole to truly heal itself. He can now help his patients get their health and life back and end the needless suffering.

Finally Dr. Matiscik started to hear patients say things like, “I feel like myself again!” and “I can now work all day without getting tired.” Here is some more positive feedback from his patients:

  • “My family and friends enjoy being around me.”
  • “I can eat food without getting brain fog.”
  • “I can sleep at night!”
  • “I am happy all the time, my clothes fit better, and I have a social life again.”

After this experience, Dr. Matiscik no longer works in or manages the physical medicine practices. He has focused all his energy toward Functional Health, evaluating the whole body and not just the symptoms. This model has helped him and his patients finally understand and overcome their health challenges.

In this practice, Dr. Matiscik applies only proven methods used by and researched at the Mayo Clinic to identify proven and effective solutions that address the root-cause of the problem. Dr. Matiscik doesn’t guess; he tests. He uses the most effective, essential lab testing to identify the root cause or causes of the problem.

Doctor for Women Hormonal Imbalance

Optum Health Center is founded on the belief that every patient deserves to have the highest quality of care, compassion, and understanding when striving for a better quality of life.

Dr. Martin Matiscik’s Training and Credentials :

* Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner – Kalish Institute
* Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner – Functional Medicine University
* Doctor of Chiropractic – National University of Health Sciences

Ohio Licensed Practioner: 02192

* Successfully completed post graduated course in Mastering Blood Chemistry
* Successfully completed post graduated course in Mastering The Thyroid
* B.S. Human Biology