Why Choose Our Functional & Integrative Medical Center in McKinney, TX

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Optum Health Center is founded on the belief that every patient deserves to have the highest quality of care, compassion, and understanding when striving for a better quality of life.

Why is Functional Medicine Effective?

Unlike conventional medicine, where the doctor matches the drug with the disease, a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner can address the individual, not the disease.

In other words, we find and address the CAUSE of your condition to provide lasting results, as opposed to simply addressing your symptoms.

Why Is Dr. Matiscik So Highly Sought Out?

Women from around the world seek treatment from Dr. Matiscik because he specializes helping women with issues of fatigue, depression, and infertility and is able to achieve results where others have failed.

Dr. Matiscik is able to deliver such results because he only uses cutting-edge lab testing to accurately determine what your hormonal deficits are and based on those findings and then develops a precise hormonal treatment plan utilizing only the highest-grade supplements and bio-identical hormones to return your body to a healthy and optimized state.

Furthermore, we take a very active approach to your care. Throughout your entire course of care, Dr. Matiscik and his team will closely monitor your progress every step to ensure that you have the highest probability of treatment success.

Get back to the best version of yourself & live life on your terms!